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City of Villains/City of Heroes 1.0

It’s time to kick it up to the next level with the City of Heroes Party Pack
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From the soaring skylines of Paragon City to the savage slums of the Rogue Isles, there is only one thing that joins these two warring sides - the eternal battle of good and evil between them.
Rise to the challenge as a hero or sink into the criminal underworld as a villain in a unique online game played with thousands of other players.

2010 has certainly been a creative year as far as our City of Heroes contests go. We asked you to design a Valentine’s card for War Witch and you sent us tons of romantic and pink-laden cards.

Before the Rikti War, Paragon City was one of the largest and most prosperous cities in the world.

The Rikti, however, used the City as their center of operations and devastated it in the process. Paragon City has since resurrected itself from the ashes, but has not yet reached the heights of prosperity it knew before war.

Many parts of the city remain uninhabitable and dangerous; Paragon City needs a new generation of heroes to take the place of the many champions who perished fighting the Rikti.

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